Divi Ecommerce useful setup

Before you buy any additional extension make sure it is not included in the theme itself.
If de demo data is enough. You might not need any more plugins. Every customer will have different needs so there also might be a case you might need one of those plugins:

Divi Ecommerce Themes

  • https://avanti.markhendriksen.com/home-page-shop/
  • https://demo.diviextended.com/divi-cart/
  • https://www.elegantthemes.com/marketplace/divi-ecommerce/
  • https://diviecommercepro.aspengrovestudio.com/
  • http://berry.mzcreativestudio.com/

Mega Menus (paid)

Groovy Mega Menu – Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress
Divi Life – Divi Mega Pro

For custom product price calculation (paid)

Uni CPO 4 allow any product calculation on the product page.

Custom URL for TPO – adds custom URLs for each product.

Read more on CPO plugin here:

Ship rate by distance (paid)

Requires Google API to work.

Shipping Rate by Distance

Product Filter (free)

For product page filter working with Divi builder (free):

Variation image galery

variation for WooCommerce (free / paid):
– free up to three images per variation
Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce

Variation Image Gallery PRO


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce (free / paid): Paid – PRO url
This plugin allows you to enhance color-swatches for your products.

Variation Duplicator (free)

Booking plugin

Amelia Plugin

Payment Getaway

PayU Payment Gateway (plugin free) – customer register fee = 200 zł
Dotpay Pyment Gateway (free plugin) 10 zł
przelewy24.pl Payment Gateway (free plugin) 1,5 zł
Tpay Payment Gateway (free plugin)

Other useful resources/tutorials:

Divi Ecommerce Web Design Tutorial

Elegant Themes Blog – Build custom product page design

Elegant Themes Blog -: Product variation in Divi

Calculate price without a plugin (no plugin):

If you dont want to add more plugin to your webssite you can incorporate custom product fields manually.
Here are some usefull articles to get yu going:





Exploring the native WP filters / class search:


WooCommerce documentation:

General: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/introduction-to-hooks-actions-and-filters/
API: https://woocommerce.github.io/code-reference/index.html
Code / Hooks: https://woocommerce.github.io/code-reference/hooks/hooks.html

WooCommerce Pricing Calculator made easy.



There is a a lot of options when it comes to WooCommerce cost calculation. That’s why it might be difficult to choice the right plugin to fulfill your user needs. So before you make a buy it might require from you to get to know the problem first before you attempt to solve it with one of those plugins.

Here is a short list of popular plugin that are well rated:

Booking plugin for Woocommerce – which one to pick?

We suggest to use the Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress which is relatively affordable and it does have a lot of options to configure. It does look modern and it has a popup option. There are many plugins available on the market.

Also bear in mind that you might want a plugin that integrates with woocommerce checkout. This is because you can integrate your local payment method which will most likely not be supported by plugin itself. Polish PayU is a good example of that. It does have woocommerce integration but none of the plugin supports it directly.

Amelia is also a good choice. It is more expensive but it does offer lifetime developer plans (around 3000 zł) so you can save up if you make more then one install in long run. It also have woocommerce integration so you can very east to use external payment getaways like PayU. This is really a great option worth considering.


Sometimes those more expensive are not worth a single dolar like Booking plugin from WooCommerce. If you want to get to know other options watch this video:

Using DirectAdmin – tutorial

Basic overview of DirectAdmin Panel interface and common tasks for every Server Administrator.
Making backups, installing SSL, managing database, managing files and ftp, email and many more.
Seria of YT Videos brought to you by Little Creek Hosting:

Whats other alternatives?

There are also some free solutions for VPS/dedicated servers:

Old version of DirectAdmin from 2014. So if you did not upgrade to new version already you might want to get to know old interface too. For that see the playlist below.

PrestaShop dodawania kolumny brutto w widoku admina – produktu. (dla wersji 1.7.5 ta funkcja jest wbudowana)

Dodajemy dodatkową kolumnę z ceną ostateczną obok ceny netto

Works with: Prestashop 1.7.0-4 (tested up to – W wersji 1.7.5 ta pozycja jest już wdrożona przez autorów PrestaShop. Jeśli więc zrobisz aktualizację to nie musisz robić ego ręcznie. Nie mniej jednak dobrze wiedzieć jak takie rzeczy zrobić samemu. Może się przydać przy innej okazji.

Navigate to:  yousite/src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Product/CatalogPage/Lists/products_table.html.twig

<th scope="col" class="text-center" style="width: 9%"> {{ ps.sortable_column_header("Price (tax excl.)"|trans({}, 'Admin.Catalog.Feature'), 'price', orderBy, sortOrder) }} </th>

Add below:

<th scope="col" class="text-center" style="width: 9%"> {{ ps.sortable_column_header("Final price"|trans({}, 'Admin.Catalog.Feature'), 'price_final', orderBy, sortOrder) }} </th>

Navigate to: 

<td class="text-center"> <a href="{{ product.url|default('') }}#tab-step2">{{ product.price|default('N/A'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global')) }}</a> </td>

Add below:

<td class="text-center"> <a href="{{ product.url|default('') }}#tab-step2">{{ product.price_final|default('N/A'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global')) }}</a> </td>